Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pumpkin Picking

Nothing like a nice crisp Fall day to take the kids and go pumpkin picking right?!  WRONG!!!!  It was hot and windy and so not Fall like!  I was hoping for a nice nip in the air, some hot cider, a cute blanket scarf for the perfect photo op and we got almost 90 degrees and crazy strong winds!

Ohio weather sure is crazy!

But nothing was going to stop my kids from finding their perfect pumpkin!  My daughter was determined she was going to find the right sized perfectly round pumpkin.  She kept tiptoeing over pumpkins saying nope not the right one.  Nope that's not it. Nope. Nope. Nope! lol  I swear we would still be there if we she had her way!  Now my son, well he was opposite, he wanted the biggest and fattest one he could find.  He'd say yup, that's the one, then 5 seconds later, OH MOM I found a bigger one!

After walking to the back of the field and sweating about 10lbs off, I think we all found the ones that were just right for us.  Hunter found his BIG one, Allison her Pretty Round one, while Jeff and I found ones we were pretty happy with.

All in all the day was hot but memories were made.  We went through a corn maze (and got lost... a lot).  We now have 4 pretty pumpkins and I've got cornstalks and hay bails for my front porch!

Do you decorate your front porch for the Fall?  If so what's your must have item?

Happy Fall Y'all ;)
XO- Beth

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cookies n Cream

Mmmm who doesn't love some Cookies n Cream?

Earlier this month, my husband and I celebrated out 12th Wedding Anniversary.  12 YEARS!  I swear it still feels like we're in our early 20s and going on our first date.  Now we're an "old" married couple.  We finish each other sentences, I drive him crazy with all my hobbies, and he drives me nuts with all her adventures!  But I wouldn't change a thing.

In 12 years we've moved to 4 different states; Idaho, Alaska, Arkansas and now Ohio.  We've welcomed two beautiful, happy and insanely smart children into our family and we've survived 3 military deployments.  None of those were easy.  His first deployment our son was only 5 months old, our 3rd deployment he missed the birth of our daughter.  But if anything it's only made our marriage stronger.

Of course you can't celebrate your anniversary without a cake!!  Or is that just me?  I swear I'll make any excuse to get in my kitchen and bake a cake!  I've seen a cake similar to this on Pinterest and I've been looking for a reason (okay an excuse) to make it.  I had a few other cakes I was baking that weekend for other people and had some left over so figured hey why not!

Since this cake was only going to be just for the four of us, I kept it to a 6 inch cake.  I also tried doing something different and made a marble cake.  Chocolate and Vanilla cake swirled together!  Best of both worlds right?!  For the icing I crumbled up some oreos and layered that inside the cake.  Then I added another layer of simple buttercream on the outside.  Drizzled some chocolate over the top and finished it off with some more oreos.  Let's just say we were all chocolate wasted!

A couple of days before our anniversary a friend of mine posted that she had a stray kitten at her house that her neighbor rescued from nearly being hit by a car.  Unfortunately her neighbor was allergic to cats and my friend just couldn't take in another animal, so she posted her on Facebook looking for a loving home.  We have been looking for a female kitten for a few months now so I should my husband and he told me to go get her!  Since it was the weekend we had to wait until Monday to take her into the vet to ensure she was okay and healthy.  She got a great bill of health, minus having a few belly bugs and that she was only 4 weeks old.

We first named her Channel but after calling her that a few times we realized it didn't suit her.  So we officially renamed her.. wait you'll love this.. Cookie!  Get it.. Cookies n Cream?!?!

I know.... purrrrrfect right?!

All in all we had a perfect weekend spending it with our little family and our newest addition!  We're all still adjusting (our older cat Bella still isn't happy with us) but after 12 years together.. I think my husband and I can handle anything!

Finally the weather has decided to cool off so I can start breaking out my colder weather items.  Sadly the top and cardigan I am wearing are no longer available through my store, but I'm hoping they'll become available again so I can restock them!

Love this necklace?  Stay tuned for a post about it coming soon!

Most of this look is currently out of stock, but feel free to shop other looks at www.eightelevenboutique.com

My kids have tomorrow off from school.. so today is my "Friday" so I'll go ahead and wish y'all a happy weekend!

XO - Beth

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